Fare Thee Well, Angel

Farrah Fawcett.

A woman I don't believe reached her potential as an actor, but what the hell do I know?? She was gifted enough to be able to show strength and vulnerability coinciding in her characters.

Below is a tiny snippet of a role she had in The Apostle with Robert Duvall. I think maybe her best role. And Charlie's Angels--what a lark that was given the hullaballoo of the seventies.

In any event, rest well, Angel. Death could not dim your beauty.


  1. It's sad she has such a rough time these last few years. She seemed to handled her illness with such grace.

    And now I just heard that Michael Jackson died, too. Geez, bloggers are going to have a field day with that.

  2. Who can forget that beautiful smile and that hair? RIP.

  3. She sure gave the cancer a good fight. I'm sorry she had to suffer so.

  4. I was moved by her documentary. I was appalled by the blatant disregard for her medical privacy and applaud her effort to tell her story in her own words. She was a very stoic woman and I'm saddened by this loss.

    I wanted to cry when I heard about Michael Jackson. His music was the soundtrack to my young adult life.

  5. Remember her "wings" -- the hair kind? Now she has the real ones.

  6. Her fight was so valiant that she became one of my heroes.

  7. The Apostle is one of my favorite movies. I was blown away by Duvall's portrayal of a preacher, because my dad was a preacher, and he was so like him, I was stunned.

    You're right that Fawcett was great in it too, and I agree we might not have seen enough of her talent. I would like to see her doc film at the end of her life, but then it looks pretty gut wrenching.

  8. Another sad loss.

    What a valiant fighter she was.


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