Must Get Back To Work and Be Amongst My Peoples

They need me.


  1. Nice photo... maybe it could be altered to say "B U R P " ?

    And if the Beatles could just be persuaded to walk across the road here, then the image would really be complete...

    Indeed, your people need assistance... looks like the "Leave no child behind" missed a few in spelling skills. Good luck ...

  2. I KNEW if I looked hard enough I could find that damn missing portal!!!

  3. You do realize that Bmup is Turkish for "Drive Carefully," right?

  4. Hey! Furlough my a** one day a week and work quality suffers!

  5. Did you notice that the co-worker who painted the word coming in the other direction got it right?

    Are you returning to the hospital?

  6. Uhh, duh!!!
    You are such a laugh riot.....
    Great pic.

  7. I think it stands for Beam Me Up in text talk.

    Hey, I noticed that "Brains" photo on your LinkWithin. I'm proud to say that's from my home town,

  8. Oh, boy. It's like the time I saw some construction workers painting the word "SHCOOL" by the park. Oops.


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