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I've got the paint for HoneyHaired's room. Now I'm just waiting to finish my cuppa coffee and let the caffeine kick in before I begin. She said one night at dinner that she wanted to paint one wall of her bedroom bright red. We said,"Oh, that sounds fabulously fun. Let's do it." And we did. Now it's time for the rest of the room and I come to find out she hadn't thought about those walls. Mama probably should have been the more far-sighted one in the group.
So HoneyHaired took some kind of paint-personality test online--always very perceptive and how I've come to learn that my "Hood" name is Ray-Ray--and it marks her as Exotic Traveler with pictures out of Scheherazade. Now I have a bag full of Yellow Haze, Orange Sunset, and Terrapin Green. We shall see...and, after all, it's only paint.

(please note: above photo does in any way even remotely look like HoneyHaired's room, except they both have a bed. Hers is unmade and has a cat on it looking askance at me.)

It's been quite busy on the workfront with way more people trying to get into one of our beds than we have beds. If anyone has ever worked as a hostess in a busy restaurant you'll know the feeling. Our waiting area, however, does not serve drinks. Maybe air traffic controller is a better analogy most days. The underlying worry, not mentioned, is "Holy Crapola...What will happen when the flu hits?" It's better to not go there, just keep our heads down and keep plowing through.

We've had lots of head bleeds from busted aneurysms or busted vessels within the actual brain tissue, as well as the traumas that come willy-nilly. Gunshot wounds to the head, falls from roofs and bridges, motor vehicle collisions. And, we've had our fair share of brain tumors. The bad ones are gliomas, which is what Senator Kennedy had. Those patients are always the very nicest and sweetest people that you'll ever meet. In fact, that's how the nurses always know the diagnosis before the path report comes back. From the accolades coming in now, it sounds as though Teddy fit that bill, but quite honestly, I loved the man and the lion that he was, nice or not, God rest his sweet soul. It may be me, but it lightens my heart to know these brothers are together again. Quite a legacy.


  1. Paint!!!
    Holy Cow, we've done a ton of that here... and when I am really bored (almost never these days) I think to myself, "Self lets see what havoc we can stir up by bringing home some paint swatches...

  2. I love paint. I'm ashamed to admit but I love the smell of paint fumes in a newly painted flat or apartment.

  3. I have got to get a room like that!.... if only there was a tree big enough..
    Just finished re-decorating the kids room.. from purple with unicorn mural to white... due to the thousands of pony posters that are montaging the walls. I love colour though, turquoise kitchen, our room antique red with one wall african hut geometric designs....

  4. I detest painting and refuse to do it. You're a brave woman.

    That picture of the brothers is wonderful. It makes me smile, but in such a melancholy and wistful way.

  5. Have a blast painting! Bobby was the love of my life, I was sad to hear another one is gone...Love to all those people you are caring for, they are lucky to have you :-).

  6. And here I was thinking how sad for that family to have lost two of its elders within a couple of weeks. Your spin is much better.
    Paint sounds awesome & reminds me of the last time CS's room was painted: black was the desired color for all 4 walls(one could have been done); we said, pick another--it is the darkest blue imaginable (duh) & actually makes the room look larger. A specific treatment was specified for the ceiling. Guess who got to have fun with that (where does everyone go when there are ceilings and trim to be done?)! Hope your Exotic Traveler enjoys her new digs!

  7. Thanks for doing the work you do with the injured and the damned unlucky ones.

  8. Love the picture of the bedroom, I would so love to have one like that.
    Very sad about Ted Kennedy, seemed like a good man who actually got things done.

  9. I enjoyed this post with its colorful considerations of HH's room decor and interesting insights into the personality traits of those afflicted with that kind of brain tumor. God rest his sweet soul, indeed.

  10. Must be the week for painting! #2 daughter has been spending hours painting her room. I was allowed to look last night. It is fabulous! One wall is a carribean blue; another a lovely shade of dark gray; a third is a rich plummy purple and the 4th is chalkboard paint. She has painted graphics on all 4 walls. The most amazing thing is that her room is C.L.E.A.N.!


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