...We are stardust, we are golden...


  1. I am excited that I will be in Bend, Oregon, for a Joan Baez concert Sunday evening. It will be 40-years-and-one-day to the day since her performance at Woodstock. I hope she notes the occasion.....

    Am sorry I never had a chance to see Joni Mitchell live.

  2. Ahhh.. the envy!.... I always feel so cheated that I was born too late to have experienced these times (the 60's)... my generation had nothing to fight for, nothing to discover or be awed by......

  3. Notably, Joni Mitchell didn't actually go to Woodstock. Great to see this clip from what looks like another fun and much smaller festival at Big Sur, though...unfortunately, it's not available in its entirety on DVD, which is yet another reason to be grateful for youtube...

  4. great stuff, there really wasn't anyone like joni, before and after. her music is timeless, jc


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