This Longing

by Martin Steingesser

... awoke to rain
around 2:30 this morning
thinking of you, because I'd said
only a few days before, this

is what I wanted, to lie with you in the dark
listening how rain sounds
in the tree beside my window,
on the sill, against the glass, damp

cool air on my face. I am loving
fresh smells, light flashes in the
black window, love how you are here
when you're not, knowing we will

lie close, nothing between us; and maybe
it will be still, as now, the longing
that carries us
into each other's arms

asleep, neither speaking
least it all too soon turn to morning, which
it does. Rain softens, low thunder, a car
sloshes past.


  1. I happen to be in a long distance relationship with a wonderful boyfriend that lives 6 hours away from me by bus. Reading this brings back so many memories: opens up my "longing well". Well written piece. thank you

  2. Oh, for the love of our youth!

    I unplug things when it thunders and my husband goes out to save the world(emergency manager).

  3. What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  4. The photo puts me in a dreamy mood. :)

  5. this one is beautiful. I spend summers away from my boyfriend of six years. This makes me want to snuggle with him on this rainy day.


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