by Ted Kooser

This is the pipe that pierces the dam
that holds back the universe,

that takes off some of the pressure,
keeping the weight of the unknown

from breaking through
and washing us all down the valley.

Because of this small tube,
through which a cold light rushes

from the bottom of time,
the depth of the stars stays always constant

and we are able to sleep, at least for now,
beneath the straining wall of darkness.

please note: photo by way of the Hubble Space Telescope


  1. First today? Well that is a first for me!

    Wow, oh wow... That picture is out of this world...get it...out of this ...I know, I know, muy corny!

    Anyway the poem, the picture = perfection. Thanks :)

  2. Can't get enough of Hubble Telescope shots. It makes our time on Earth special indeed.

  3. Made me think of the Johnstown flood for some reason...

  4. That Ted! I suppose in Nebraska one can truly see the stars, even without a telescope.
    Beautiful, DBSO! Thank you


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