Night Rain

by Ann Stanford

I wake with the rain.
It has surprised me.
First, delight,
Then I think of outdoors:
The shovels and rakes I left in the garden
Rusting now in the mist,
The splintering of handles.
I think of car windows open
Canvas cots, trash cans
The hay uncovered

Well, they are out.
And the animals -
The cat, he is gone
The dog is the neighbor's
The horses have a tin roof
If they will stay under it.
And the wild things are there -
Birds, wet in the trees,
Deer in the brush, rabbits in hiding.
The leaves will all be washed
The wild lilacs, the walnuts.

I am sleepy and warm
I dream of the great horned owl
Snatching birds like plums out of trees.


  1. How familier a sound this over here :-)... though, we are getting a bit of an indian summer, it hasn't rained almost all month .. this is a very.. very good thing. Hope your week-end went well and nice to hear your lecture fell into place :-D

  2. Rain is music to my ears. Wonderful poem, it echoes my thoughts.

  3. Oh, perfect. It is raining today; the poet's thoughts are in synch with my own! Thank you.

  4. From the ugliness of your days come these beautiful words - over and over again.

  5. wonderful! rain...fell asleep to the sound last night myself...smiles.

  6. And I always wonder what happens to the birds when it rains . . .

  7. I also woke with the rain--the old dogs freak out with wind and thunder and lightning. Then the sound of the rain on the metal roof of this old house lulled me back to sleep.


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