"Dancers are the athletes of God."--Albert Einstein

Just a couple of minutes in between shifts at Neuroramaville, but I read this quote at http://writerquake.blogspot.com/ and fell in love with it. I've never been one to have dreams of flying, but I have had dreams of ballet jumps that felt just as free. Thanks, Lydia.


  1. O, thank you for a perfect description of my dreams also, photo too! I love what you've done with your blog design, including the "God's Athletes" portion of the other column. Since I'm a new reader/fan I wonder did you also recently add EMBRACE YOUR GRACE to your blog title? This is all darned close to perfect :)

  2. This picture is amazing....as is the quote. And I love your new blog name!
    I'm not surprised you are one of our Earth's Angels, workig in the ICU as you do!

  3. Hey thank you. I added writerquake to my links list, I enjoyed what I found over there :)


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