"...how people ...can find unity in what is right."

Please, please, please leave this spot immediately and click over to read Lydia's post about a Forty Year Old Salute and from there on to Kevin's blog posting dated October 22, 2006 about those same summer Olympics in 1968. I didn't know the back story to that photo though I remember the events clearly.
I would actually put the photo here, but I have irritated my own computer somehow and honey haired girl is not here to help me with hers. It seems somehow naked without a photo for the garnish factor.

Oh, yes. She's home!


  1. Thanks, you.
    And thanks to the honey haired girl for helping with the garnish...

  2. 8-26
    I wanted you to know that I nominated your blog (and 6 other faves) for review. See my 8-26 post telling about the review of my blog.
    Go here and scroll down to the bottom of the comments to see the recommendation:

    (couldn't find an email link here)

  3. Dear yoga4c's,
    That is what we like to call a roundabout:>) Better to read than to drive one!


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