"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

The Olympic Version

Had heard whisperings in the air of this You Tube video, but I had not yet seen it or gotten the full story. Viewed it this morning, courtesy of Writerquake (http://writerquake.blogspot.com/ ), and maybe because the sun is shining, the planets are in alignment, the hormones are balanced, there's a full pot of coffee in the kitchen and/or it's a luscious summer day in CinCity something makes me feel hopeful. In need of a little hope and balance right about now. This past week in Neuroramaville was full of sad endings for many, many families and their friends. As a witness in the midst of such constant loss, it helps me to remember that life remains, and as life, is it whole.

Very apropos to the Olympics because this is very much a Greek story of the blessings the gods can bestow on mere mortals.


Love the Olympics and despite reservations about China hosting the Summer Games this year, I appreciate the still noble intention of peaceful games played among all nations. Opening ceremonies were phenomenal. Jaw dropping phenomenal.

As the troubadours of my generation said, "All you need is love, everybody."


  1. I have seen that video of the lions and it brings tears to my eyes everytime :-). Yes, love, is what it is all about.

  2. Once in awhile, and I believe it is rarely, you come across a blog that welcomes you home. I found your welcome map in the form of hits from others at my feed site, so opened the door to the special place you've created here. Imagine my surprise to find my blog linked in your post; thank you!
    Of note: The Desiderata, in poster form, hung on my bedroom wall throughout high school and remains a favorite. And your ending quote by Rilke holds a special place in my heart (Letters...is listed in my favorite books at my profile). We are no doubt kindreds.

  3. p.s. I also LOVE the Olympics and appreciated your words. The story of Christian the Lion does ring sweet and clear in reference to the Olympic spirit...

  4. I love the sparkly Olympic Rings image!

  5. The opening ceremonies blew me away in their artistry, sophistication, grandeur. I needed to see that side of China, to remember that a country is more than its government, a message I personally carried to the Bush haters in Europe when I lived there.


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