Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks muchly

Thank you to David, from Down Under, ( for naming me as one of his "Post of the Day" recipients. I appreciate anyone actually reading anything I write here, let alone enjoying it, so again, thank you very much.

David has beautifully fabulous photos on his blogsite--which allows me some vicarious living outside of the hospital corridors and the local IGA grocery store I wander--as well as a tribe of very interesting and creative souls who visit him. Try'll like it :>)

PS. I work with an Aussie nurse who loves, loves, loves to hear tales from home. She is one homesick little Kookaburra.

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  1. Do say 'G'day' to your sick little kookaburra from me. My brothers both married Aussies - one lives in Perth, the other in Adelaide, not even mentioning how many of my friends moved across the ditch to the big country :)


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