Thanks muchly

Thank you to David, from Down Under, ( for naming me as one of his "Post of the Day" recipients. I appreciate anyone actually reading anything I write here, let alone enjoying it, so again, thank you very much.

David has beautifully fabulous photos on his blogsite--which allows me some vicarious living outside of the hospital corridors and the local IGA grocery store I wander--as well as a tribe of very interesting and creative souls who visit him. Try'll like it :>)

PS. I work with an Aussie nurse who loves, loves, loves to hear tales from home. She is one homesick little Kookaburra.


  1. Do say 'G'day' to your sick little kookaburra from me. My brothers both married Aussies - one lives in Perth, the other in Adelaide, not even mentioning how many of my friends moved across the ditch to the big country :)


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