Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Love You Like the Pilgrim Loves the Holy Land,

Like the wayfarer loves his wayward ways.

Like the immigrant that I am loves America,

And the blind man the memory of his sighted days.

from the movie, Four Friends


  1. Oooooooh, will have to rent that movie!

  2. short and beautiful.... sometimes less really is more...

  3. Just lovely. I need to see that movie.

  4. Yes, quite lovely.

    The only romantic line I can remember from a movie was in Wuthering Heights. After Cathy died, Heathcliff clutched her body and wept..."I cannot live without my life. I cannot die without my soul."

    Sigh. I like the Lawrence Olivier version the best.

  5. I may have seen the movie. If so, I don't remember. Although it was in the 80's and there's quite a bit from that decade I don't remember. I've had those lines written on the back page of a favorite book that I took with me on a road trip to Florida. For many years I thought it was from a poem. The words have always stayed with me and I love those lines.


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