Job Security??

I'll just go on up to the hospital and wait for you all there. You look like accidents waiting to happen.

aaaahhhhhh, the absolute joy of children...


  1. LOL! That was great...there are some adults that still do things like that as well!

  2. Yes, and few states require seat belts on buses.

  3. Heck, I've seen kids in cars here with no seat belt on & buckle up is a definite law in Texas. Recently, we've had two teens killed because they weren't wearing seat belts & were involved in an accident. Sad ~ sad & dumb.
    And if it's not an accident it will surely be disease! Think of all the germs on that window!!! yuck!

  4. That's so funny! The things you think of!
    Reminds me of my junior and senior high days of riding the school bus after our family moved to the country outside Reno. When The Who released Magic Bus it made my year!

  5. Yep, you better get on over there. Don't forget there's more where they came from!!!

  6. Your sense of humor is wicked!

  7. They look like they're having a hoot though. Remember how much fun making faces in the car was?? I mean, can you imagine...?? :>)

  8. At least their not mooning anyone.

    Oh right, give them a year or two!


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