Can't Sleep with Them, Can't Sleep Without 'Em...

Hubby was gone for a few days to hike and visit with our CowGrrrrl friend recovering from breast cancer treatment. It gave HoneyHaired and I more days to have our GRRRRLZ ONLY time and watch Sense and Sensibilty without editorial comment, but we missed him. I didn't sleep well those nights and heard every snap, crackle, pop out in the yard which is probably one of the various wild critters that live in the wooded area behind us. Hubby's home now. Slept great the first night, but the snoring's begun again. And when it's not Hubby, it's BoxerBoy. And when it's not the snoring it's Shadow,the dog next door, howling along with the frequent sirens the squads love to blast on their way to "Pill Hill." Then the BoxerBoy growls and yelps in his sleep in response to Shadow. It could be quite amusing.

So while the video is not of my dog 'cause this dog's way cuter(and I have no inkling how to video &/or youtube)here is a small excerpt of the nightly symphony at our house--and from the groaning responses of my friends at work--many homes. Though, if you are looking for a reason to stay up...

"For the past few evenings it's been almost impossible to come inside before dark. The shadows deepen and converge, the breeze shuffles the leaves in the sugar maples, and an unappraisable sweetness slips down from the woods--all of it with such careful modulation, the entrance of one player after another, that to call it artful sounds like dispraise. I sit and watch from civil twilight until astronomical twilight, from the time the bats first fly, cutting across the bay of light between the trees that line the pasture, until the bats can be seen only when they eclipse the stars."
--excerpt from May, The Rural Life by Verlyn Klinkenborg


  1. Oh my, you do have a lot of sounds around you!

    Love the quote, as I'm especially fond of dusk.

  2. I am so with you on the snoring issue. I get more knitting done in the middle of the night because the snoring awakens me, or worse, begins before I can fall asleep. Ugh.

    Better-living in a downtown area, the bars empty at 2:30 and when people walk home wasted, they think it's necessary to serenade the whole neighborhood with their version of American Idol. Wednesday to Sunday nights are the worst.

  3. The Man used to snore so loudly that I could hear him 2 floors down.

    He got a bit of a cold and we plugged in the (Vick's) humidifier right beside him. He quit snoring.

    We've tried leaving it off and he snores so loudly that I'm out and gone.

    Plug it back in - and presto.

    It's like magic or something. Whatever it is I don't care because I'm finally getting some sleep in the night.

  4. I think that light sleeping comes with the territory of being a mom. We listen for our children, dogs, horses needs (fur-children count too) during the night.
    The one time my snory husband was woken by a noise and I slept on, he poked me awake to say:"There's someone moving around in the kitchen" It didn't really occur to me until after I had turned on the light to find a family of raccoons had entered the dog door, that maybe he should have gotten out of bed himself!
    p.s. lovely quote.

  5. Oh Gods on the snores! That would drive me nuts.

  6. Luckily my fella isn't a snorer and neither are my dogs, thankfully! I think I would have commited some terrible crime by now if any of them were.

  7. My husband starts snoring regularly at 4 AM. It's uncanny. I hate to nudge him because I feel bad for awakening him when it's obvious that he's sleeping so well. But I'm a real snot if I don't get decent sleep. He's a back sleeper, which I'm sure is the problem. Sigh.

  8. I used to could sleep any where through anything; but 6 children later unfortunately I hear every thing. My husband snores too, the dogs bark,the cats fight...the only way I can sleep now is with ear plugs! I discovered them and became addicted when I worked nights and had to sleep away my days. :)

  9. That's some kind of a snore. It would drive me insane! Our neighborhood is very quiet, but there is a vegetable processing plant miles away that uses heavy machinery to flash-dry the fruit/vegies (I know this because one of the plant managers visited me after numerous phone calls a few summers ago) and it makes a high-pitch hum when they are in their peak operating now. I got a sound machine and turn up Ocean Waves as loud as it will go, and it drowns out the droning. I do wonder what affect this must have on wildlife and birds in the night.....

  10. Oh, I love Sense and Sensibility. Between my husband and 3 sons, I pretty much NEVER get to watch it without a running commentary.

  11. Two of the 3 dogs snore, and one can clear a room with his flatulence. The sounds of the night---from human and canine snoring, to peepers and coyotes and owls, are part of my life--although I poke the human snorer to mute those sounds!


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