Memorial Day

Soldier rest! thy warfare o'er, Sleep the sleep thast knows not breaking, Dream of battled fields no more, Days of danger, nights of waking...

Huntsman, rest! thy chase is done;
While our slumbrous spells assail ye,
Dream not, with the rising sun,
Bugles here shall sound reveille.
Sleep! the deer is in his den;
Sleep! thy hounds are by thee lying;
Sleep! nor dream in yonder glen
How thy gallant steed lay dying.
Huntsman, rest! thy chase is done,
Think not of the rising sun,
For at dawning to assail ye,
Here no bugles sound reveille.

--Sir Walter Scott


  1. What a wonderful tribute! Thank you.

  2. Sending peace and all the best things...

  3. memorial day means alot to many people. i like your'e tribute. take good care, jc

  4. Memorial Day is poignant for anyone who gives a thought to how lucky we are and that this life we are leading was enabled and ensured by the stalwart and unquestioning Patriotism of people who believed in and were prepared to die for the greater good.
    Your brother is in good company and the tide pools of Moss Beach/HMB are a wonderful and life-affirming place to have memories of him flow on.

  5. I have found myself moving to a very different place from my old peacenik days - now I more and more appreciate and honor the service done by those who sign up to risk harm, while I still yearn for nations to learn peaceful means of settling political differences, instead of slaughtering each other's young people. Service comes in all forms - I had a student this semester leave part-way through to go do bootcamp, on his way to becoming a medic. Here is a blog entry about an armed services flying hospital that saves lives, while treating wounded soldiers with dignity: .

  6. Every time a soldier dies, feels like a little piece of me goes, too. Got to do something about better boundaries!

  7. Guess it is finally time to make ploughs out of weapons and knifes.

  8. So very nice. To remember what this day really is all about we need to take a moment to bow our head and say a prayer of thanks. I wish them all peace and to be safe.


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