Saturday in CinCity With the Brainiacs

A weekend at work, with a skeleton crew...I know. I am sooooo funny I can barely contain myself. Hope your weekend is fabulous and you don't run into either of these two characters.


  1. Poor old charlie brown, I often wondered how he carries that big skull around! It's obvious now, looking at the skeletal portrait, that it's to do with the elongated metatarsals and phalanges.... Hope your week-end is a good one!

  2. You know you are funny when you crack yourself up. Keep laughing. Because then we get to laugh, too.

  3. Hopefully it will not be too busy... :)

  4. Hey. You're supposed to keep the skeletons in the closet.

    Go forth now and heal the world.

  5. Ah, laughter, the best medicine! Now I know what all those nurses exchange with each other to keep their spirits up through long nightwatches.

  6. I laughed pretty hard when I saw that. It's a new take on Peanuts, that's for sure.


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