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My cup runneth over...THANK YOU'S all 'round:>)

A quite hung-over WATERCAT from across the pond has tagged me in a selfless effort to spread the joy and love internationally. I could barely work over the past few days for worry of it all and pondering the answers needed to complete this masterpiece. But, blogger etiquette and duty calls. I shan't break this sacred trust. The rules are as follows:

respond and rework
answer questions on your blog
replace one question
tag eight other people.


1. georgie k. buttons
2. a knitting nurse
3. erin davis
4. from skilled hands
5. cheshire cat
6. cause for concern
7. easy for me to say
8. the heART of words

If you have recently been memed, or have done this meme before, please forgive my tagging you. If you haven't had this one placed in your In Box and are chopping at the bit to add your particular styling to it, you just go on with your bad self and do it. (And if you read your name anywhere along this posting and I haven't stopped by your place yet to share the glad tidings I promise I'll get there. I'm moving a little slow today.)

The envelope, please, and the questions are...

1: What is your current obsession?
Cleaning out the front rooms of the 3rd floor attic where we have stored all of the grrrls' old toys and games as well as 17 years worth of Halloween clothing, costumes and paraphernalia from school projects (hat, moustache and sword left from a presentation of General George Custer anyone??).

Trying to figure out what in the hell is happening over in Pakistan. I can obsessionally multitask at both these if I have National Public Radio and the Diane Rehm show on while I am sorting and tossing.

And most importantly, finding a pair of jeans that fit.

2: Which item of clothing do you wear most?
Toss-up, but they're both blue--jeans and scrubs. At this point, scrubs are a lot more comfortable-bagginess and a drawstring waist clearly have a lot to be said for them. My favorite faded and well-broken-in jeans don't fit anymore. Two years of Pilates and my lower half is now shaped a bit differently so I have been on a quest for the perfect fitting pair of jeans. It's morbidly depressing. WAY, WAY WORSE than bathing suit shopping. Jeans, if I can get them on over my hips and bum, stick out about a mile and a half around my waist. What's with that? My best fitting jeans right now??--Hubby's from when we were first married; holes in both knees, but they feel better at the waist and hips.

3: What's for dinner?
We missed any and all Memorial day cookouts with both of us working, so I think I might grill some hamburgers and chicken breasts. Sicilian pasta salad, potato salad, some fresh peas, and there's leftover pie in the fridge. I bet we can find some beer and iced tea somewhere.

4: Last thing you bought?
Textbook on Anatomy and Physiology for CollegeGrrrl and a huge pot of pale,bridal pink geraniums for me.

5: What are you listening to?
Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez--The Trouble With Humans
They soothe my soul after a busy couple of days of Neurodrama. Sunday included four deaths in one hour.

6: If you were a God or Goddess, who would you be?
Mercury. The similarities are too eerily coincidental to be dismissed...the love of cattle rustling, the translating for the gods, the winged shoes, the little cap...

7: Favourite holiday spots?
Happy to be anywhere and loved them all--so I would have to say the spot that is my favorite and gives me a big, wide sense of freedom is the ramp to I-75. I can go north all the way to Canada, south to Key West, or swing on over to the airport and go anywhere I fancy.

8: Reading right now?
I doubt I'm alone in doing this, but usually I have a couple of books going at the same time--right now, A Death in Vienna by Frank Tallis, Dreamers of the Day by Mary Doria Russell and A Long Way Gone-Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah.

9: Okay...what were you thinking about just then?
Wondering if I heard the ice cream truck down the street and then I was trying to remember the name of that song.

10: Who's your hero/heroine?
Dorothy Day

11: First spring thing?
Stocking up on the ZYRTEC and Visine A.

12: Funniest thing you saw in your life?
I present to you Tim Conway & Harvey Korman. These two could not be on the same stage without cracking up. Makes me cry laughing.

13: Favourite film?
The English Patient, but right now have a hankering to see Please Don't Eat the Daisies with Doris Day. Oh, and I love All That Jazz.

14: Share some wisdom?
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
--Robert Frost

15: If you were a tree, what tree would you be and why?
An Aspen. I'm fascinated by the facts about their propogation--that they grow in large colonies derived from a single seedling and the longevity of their root system. I've read for some, thousands of years. One in Utah may be 80,000 years. Amazing.

16: Fictitious characters who made a lasting impression on you?
Atticus Finch, Anna Karenina, and Holly Golightly

17: 4 words to describe you?
Distracted by shiny objects. Truly, I am.

This award was from sweet annie at blissful bohemian and it "goes to fellow bloggers who visit frequently and raise my spirits with their kind words of encouragement, their beautiful images and their wonderful outlook on life. They make blogging a positive experience and continue to make my life richer."

Sweet Annie says,"Please feel free to pass this award along to your friends. I ask that you do name them but you don't have to link to them. Just stop by their blogs and let them know you've given them this award."

I pass this acknowledgement on the these awardees in no particular order. To all those I've missed, and I know I have in order to end this post in any timely manner, I apologize.

di mackey
me doing funny dances in public places
dept. of nance
sweet mango
aglio, olio, and peperoncino
southern drawl

And from ds at third storey window I was given this lovely award. I have been very blessed this year to have "met" many people from many different places. It's been a joy and a bit of a comfort. At a time when it seems as if the world might actually be going to hell in a handbasket for real, it's reassuring to make contact with so many thoughtful, bright, funny, and concerned folks who are all over this small blue planet spinning in space. And for those of you who stop by to read only, I truly appreciate your time.

The temptation to pass this to everyone is very strong and so, I do, but I am listing here a few fellow bloggers who have seen fit to adopt me into their blogging schedules.

big blue barn west
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gaston studio
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Again, thanks to all and spread the love...


  1. Congrats on the Uplifting Blogger award!

    How very sweet of you to think of me in your passing of the friendly blogger award! I enjoyed your responses to the meme, and can relate to some (especially the favorite pair of jeans) and so enjoy your poems and prose.


  2. Your blog is definetly worth this award!

  3. Oh, today you are definitely most uplifting (as well as friendly). Loved your meme answers, especially Tim and Harvey. Watching H try so hard not to laugh as T performs his silliness is priceless. Thank you!!

  4. Ahhh, definitely a day to get a bigger cup.

  5. Thank you so very much! I am honored and very, very humbled. Your blog as I have stated before is the gold standard in blogging. You give us all something to aspire to.... :)

    Also, congratulations!

  6. Oh, thanks! To be termed "uplifting" is...well, I might spend the rest of my life A) bragging, B)trying to live up to it, or C)feeling guilty about it. Sigh.

    Anyway, re: Atticus Finch. World's best book on parenting is TKAM. I continue to take its lesson.

  7. Hey thank you! :) I never get awards and this made me smile.

  8. I cannot find the words to thank you for such an honor! Did find my glasses to read the whole that weird to the left???
    That is an award!

  9. You could not be more right about that Conway/Korman sketch. When Conway sticks the needle in his own arm it is hilarious, but Korman's stifled laughter is definitely the kicker. Ah! Sweet memories.


    Please visit my blogs "Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes" and "Blasts From the Past" if you have a moment.

  10. thank you, i do enjoy browsing the blog world and yours is one of my favorite stops, see ya round...jc

  11. ahhh... A bowlful of yummy puppies!..
    I enjoyed reading through your answers, the Ronald has a bit of a thing for Doris... and I completely forgot about Atticus Finch.. I'm going to have to go away and root out my copy again..(I'm getting bored of sci-fi..)
    Thanks for showing me some beautiful and funny things, I hadn't heard of either of them.
    All the best things :-D

  12. I loved your answers to the meme. It's fun getting to know more about you. (My secret: when I first started blogging, I didn't know what a meme was and I thought it was pronounced me-me...because typically people were writing about themselves.)

    Thank you, your loveliness, for the kind award. Stopping by to visit you is my pleasure.

  13. I never knew about the aspens, and I love the Robert Frost words. Thanks for tagging me for the friendly blogger award. (My first blogging award--it made my day.)

  14. Thanks for this-now I have to go put my thinking cap on. Wouldn't want to bore everyone to tears with my yarns.

  15. Oooooo!
    You made my day. Somedays are better than others, and your tag completely lifted me out of the doldrums.
    Thank you from the bottom of my jeans, speaking of which,my fave jeans dared to split right up the back last week, undetered, I frantically patched them, the way we did in the 70's. (and they said they contained spandex!)
    Your answers to the meme reminded me of the twisted comedy that was the Carol Burnett show..,
    thank you many times over.

  16. Well Ms. Magpie - I am truly flabbergasted that you deemed me worthy of that award. Thank you!

    I know you absolutely deserve them - me? I'm not so sure.....

    Have pondered all your questions and even passed on the utube link of that sweet music to my brother and his partner. They sound so much like EmmyLou and Mark.....both favourites of ours.

    Girl - if you ever want to take that ramp all the way to Canada - I'm here. I've got a spot for you and I can definitely share with you a love for shiny objects. We could drape ourselves with them and dance in the moonlight. Shiny shiny.....

  17. Ciao Distracted! How incredibly generous of you to think of me, I am thrilled and honoured by your Uplifting Blogger award. Grazie!

    I read your meme and I loved your answers, we have A LOT in common, really. Great music...

    Infinite THANK YOUs and a big Italian hug.

  18. How perfectly lovely! Thank you so much for thinking of me and i am secretly very glad that you choose me for selfish reasons of my meant that you stepped out of the shadows of my blog and i had the opportunity to meet you and find your lovely blog. I am very, very glad that you choose me, you are lovely.
    It is a pleasure to meet you and i will be following your blog now that I have found you :)


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