Seems Somehow Appropriate for the End of the Week

Letter of Resignation
by William Baer

Dear [blank]: After much deliberation,
without qualm, scruple, or further delay,
I hereby tender my formal resignation
as your lover and future fiancé.
The job provides too little satisfaction:
too many hours of unneeded duress,
a paucity of productive interaction,
uncertain working conditions, and endless stress.
Pay-wise, I'm undervalued and disenchanted:
advancement's slow, the bonus is routine,
my "on-call" overtime is taken for granted,
and benefits are few and far between.
This document, I'm hopeful, underscores
my deep regret. I'm very truly yours....


  1. Many times I would have liked to sign such a letter, but the moment after I would have changed my mind - that's probably why I still work seven days a week, accompany my students to their exam, and receive their bright eyes smile, when they pass.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Well, that's a very nice way of breaking up. And if he can't take a joke....!

  3. I can think of at least one beau who richly deserved such a letter. Stayed in the duet for 2 years, but wanted out after 2 weeks. Why do we do that?!?

    Hope some dancing's in the forecast for your weekend!

  4. I'm feeling that way about my JOB. My boyfriend is lovely, mostly.

  5. Yes, it is grand to end the week on such a clever note. It's very classy to be eloquent and dignified in all situations. I need to take note.

  6. I'm thinking she must have told him no once too often. I'm also thinking that she may have been relieved to finally close the cover of the dictionary.

  7. a nice simple note, so much easier than a halting phone call and not as messy as a scene...jc

  8. It must be a sad thing to even think of your relationship as a job!.. think that's got to be the death knell for a partnership!

  9. You're letter albeit entertaining is cutting a little close to the white meat. Love it!!

  10. I love this! And I could have used this once upon a time! LOL!

  11. What a wonderful break-up strategy!


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