The Waltz We Were Born For

by Walter McDonald

Wind chimes ping and tangle on the patio.
In gusty winds this wild, sparrow hawks hover
and bob, always the crash of indigo
hosannas dangling on strings. My wife ties copper
to turquoise from deserts, and bits of steel
from engines I tear down. She strings them all
like laces of babies' shoes when the squeal
of their play made joyful noise in the hall.

Her voice is more modest than moonlight,
like pearl drops she wears in her lobes.
My hands find the face of my bride.
I stretch her skin smooth and see bone.
Our children bring children to bless her, her face
more weathered than mine. What matters
is timeless, dazzling devotion—not rain,
not Eden gardenias, but cactus in drought,
not just moons of deep sleep, not sunlight or stars,
not the blue, but the darkness beyond.


  1. ...what matters is timeless, dazzling devotion...
    How very lovely. This is a great find for sure.

    Have a great week.

  2. This is the true love that has weathered the storms of relationships. What a gem. Thank you.

  3. Whoa. Hope someone says that to me someday!

  4. True love is very hard to find. Persevere.

  5. Amore. This is lovely, thank you. True love, unconditional.


  6. beautiful.......simply beautiful, jack c

  7. (Still) a dream to walz on top of the Eifel Tower...thanks for reminding.

  8. Was this picture taken in Arizona? I live in Phoenix. Your blog is beautiful.

  9. What matters is timeless, dazzling devotion---

    can't get much better than that--thanks for a great post.


  10. Most beautiful poem I have read in quite some time. Gorgeous post!


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