As For Me...I Like Ike, And That Ain't Blowing Smoke Up Your Skirt

My hubby likes Sarah Palin. He thinks that Charlie Gibson was "too hard on her" and that "he shouldn't be asking her those kinds of questions." Say what??? Now, just for the record--and why is it that when I think anything about Miss Sarah I hear her flat, western Cincinnati-sounding accent in my head--anyway, for the record, my hubby grew up as a long haired,hitchhiking,commune-living,anti-war kind of "dude". I was an anti-war, appalled by Kent State, Crosby, Stills and Nash-loving cheerleader. It was love at first sight when we finally met and we have been stumbling merrily(albeit with differing political signs in our yard)along the cobbled stone road of life for 17 years now. He's a smart man and a good man, and I respect his opinions.

In fact, I've talked with a lot of people who like Sarah Palin and who have intellect and opinions I respect. Until this interloper. This female Svengali. What hypnotic power does she possess behind her fancy-schmancy eyewear? And does wearing glasses protect one against her strong mind altering effects? Did Charlie G. have to keep readjusting his reading glasses during the interview to block the Power of Palin?

Any actual facts about the governor of Alaska pale in comparison to the marketing and the myth of Sarah. Republicans are big, fat liars??--That's okay, it's the nature of the business. She didn't really say, "Thanks, but no thanks" to Congress??--That's okay. The money was probably already allocated and she spent it on something more important. She knows less than my cat about foreign affairs??--That's okay. Being a vice-president is really more of a ceremonial role.

The opinion that John McCain has forsaken his good name and integrity for the tactics of Karl Rove and his minions??--That's okay. All will be well if he's elected. He's just doing this now because he's beholden to the Republican party during this campaign because they are footing the bill. He can be his own man once he's in office. Really? And he won't be "beholden" to them then??

I don't get it, but then again, I wear glasses and my hubby does not. Neither do the Pro Sarah folks at work, come to think of it. And once again, my theory is validated.

I will say, however, that Miss Sarah has given many women new confidence in the insights and knowledge of the world that we view beneath the glass ceiling. I, too, have been a member of the PTA and on the Parent Board of my daughters' elementary school. While I have not been mayor or governor, I have been in charge of a 24-bed ICU in a teaching hospital where decisions made affect life and death. And you ain't played politics until you've played them with a bunch of suit sucking nurses trying to scramble far away from the bedside and into the crisp and heady ethers of administration. Wasn't it Lincoln who said, "All politics is local?" Oh, who cares? He woulda/shoulda said it, and it's more palatable in these times coming from Lincoln than some free-spending LIBERAL like Tipp O'Neill(actually he gave credit to his father, Thomas O'Neill, Sr.).

I freely admit that I have not killed or gutted a moose, but many people have told me how much my voice reminds them of Rocky the Squirrel and he hangs out with a moose.

And, I have seen Canada in the misty distance from the shores Middle Bass Island in Lake Erie.

I have not met any heads of state, but I have met many heads of households from foreign countries including, but not limited to, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, China, Nicaraga,Somalia, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Ireland, and France. I speak what words I remember from my four years of high school french and innumerable ballet classes and we get on fabulously well. There is much smiling and nodding of heads, and we generally agree on politics, especially healthcare, economic, and immigration issues.

I am thinking that I should be a shoe-in for Vice-Vice-President or Secretary of Health or Secretary of the Interior. I realize I have responsibilities to my family, but as Sarah P. thoughtfully asks, "How would a man do it?" Quite honestly, I don't know how much untidier this house could look than with my feeble and half-hearted attempts and my husband has taken to feeding our Honey Haired child White Castles for dinner the evenings of my 12-hour shifts. There's your major food groups in one tasty sandwich. Add in some fruit flavored StarBursts and you're good to go.

In preparation for my new role of service to my country I will be studying the political campaigns of yore at livingroomcandidate. Bouncing Kennedy signs, the little girl picking petals off a daisy as a nuclear bomb explodes, jingles and singing...good times and great stuff.

For those non believers of the Sarah Palinopolooza,try reading her blog.It may not be exactly written by her, but shoulda been.

Since IKE's been on our minds lately, and bless anyone and everyone in his path, I believe I would take either IKE over Miss Sarah and company any day. There'd be less destruction. Here's to more discussion about real issues and actual governmental clean-up.

I'd like to end this on a literary note, but I can't find the exact Lincoln quote that Miss Sarah referenced in her interview. I'm a little pickier about making sure my details are accurate. So, I will leave you with the thoughts of another great American spokesman:

"With God On Our Side"

...So now as I'm leavin'
I'm weary as Hell
The confusion I'm feelin'
Ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head
And fall to the floor
If God's on our side
He'll stop the next war. Bob Dylan


  1. Amen, sister. You said it all. I watched all Ike news last night because my sister is there-and I'm worried sick. Today, I watched Ms. Palin's interview and find myself wondering why he wasn't tougher on her. I'm sure he was told what he could and couldn't ask. I find myself unimpressed. Jesus, I don't know if we can bear another four years of the Rove machine. I'm certain there must be a special place in hell for Karl Rove. He played very low down and dirty hardball with McCain in 2000, yet here his is with his telltale hand in the pot. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. My guess is McCain is so desperate, he'll take help from any quarter-even those who smeared his name and reputation 8 years ago.

  2. First, congratulations on a good review of your blog over at Do You Digg It (Sept. 10 - just saw it!).

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. I never heard that song before, and know I'd prefer it sung by Dylan himself but it sure is something.

    My husband (who doesn't like Palin) woke me this morning with this terrible thought: if McCain-Palin were to win and be re-elected, and then she were to run for prez and then be re-elected....well, the thought of being 73 years old when I finally have hope for a Democrat in the White House is too much for me to bear. Not that I'd live that long with the stress those administrations would put on my system.

    I have a friend who has plans with her husband to retire in Australia. Now THAT sounds like the ticket...
    (Note to self: stop sounding like McPalin is a done-deal. It's not, it is not.)

  3. I love this post :-). You are one funny and smart lady and I totally agree with you. Also thanks for the Talking Heads song, I love them amd that is one of my favorites.


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