"They Laugh Alike, They Walk Alike, At Times They Even Talk Alike..."

For the love of God and country, Tina, please send Sarah P. on a crazy wild goose chase and fill in for her during the campaign. Come on...it'll be fun.

"...You can lose your mind,
When cousins are two of a kind."

Don't be coy. You know you so want to.


  1. Oh yes. The thought crossed my mind as well. Too bad this week's was a rerun.

  2. Hey, sorry to hijack your
    comments, but trying to get in touch and can't see any contact info.
    Can you drop me a line, please? Thanks in advance!

    And I love Sarah too!

  3. hmmmmmm. Let me be clear, I would so rather see Tina Fay as being a heartbeat away from the presidency.
    Not that Sarah Palin isn't a perfectly lovely woman and I'd like to see her not be a "token woman" on the ticket. I'd like to see her have some substance for the sake of real change in politics, even though the Republican platform doesn't generally or usually coincide with my beliefs of how we treat fellow citizens, especially the Have-Nots.
    Still, Tina Fey would be super fabulous as a candidate AND well spoken AND fun in the debates which is all that really counts.

  4. Tina FEY, not Fay. That would be Tammy Faye--God rest her soul.

  5. I read that the days leading to her speech at the convention (good job, as expected), Mrs. Palin, or "gal" as she called herself in her speech, was under intense coaching by the Bush White House team. She was being brought up to speed on world affairs in particular. Interesting that McCain is distancing himself from the president he ate birthday cake with last year as Katrina hit, but is still welcoming White House advisors to pump up the image of his "soul mate." (Can you tell that I don't "love Sarah too!"?


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