"Let's Drop the Big One, There'll Be No One Left to Blame Us"


The economy is "cratering" according to Senator McCain and life seems very uncertain these days. We certainly are heading for a depression, although I think with the modern semantics it's called something else. I doubt that I'm alone in wondering how this will affect my family specifically. I'm guessing there will still be sick people who need hospital care so job security is less of an issue for us than others. If the Republicans get into office I am concerned about the talk I hear about running healthcare as a free-market business. That has worked wonders for the airline and the banking industries. And anyone who doesn't think the government isn't already determining how healthcare is provided is not aware of all the minutiae of paperwork by CMS(Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services). It rivals Peter Sellers in absurdity.

The girls will still get through college. We'll have to look harder for grants and scholarships for HoneyHaired girl than we did for her sister, but they'll get through. I worry a lot about the debt that we're leaving behind for all of our children. What a dungfest. And, although I am in the Baby Boomer generation that is now being blamed for this "financial disaster"--I call it larceny--and I am not fabulously agile with a checkbook, I promise I didn't do this or benefit from it. I will be paying for it though like a stuck pig, sans lipstick. No way to dress this one up, even with a hot looking hockey mom in glasses.

Sighhhhh...I'm going to go walk the dog and pick up poo. It's something I'm good at.
Here's a little something in defense of our country--


  1. Mccain and Bush are hijacking us and our economy. There is no "economic crisis." Remember, this "is all in our heads," and "the fundaments of our economy are sound." These are Republican qoutes.

  2. Dearest Distracted,

    You are breakin' my heart and I thank you. The Randy Newman was a stroke of poetic genius, as is usual chez toi.

    I'm havin' a hard time tellin' where this godawful mess ends and I start. But I'll stay upright like the movable Wailing Wall that I have become.

    Peace or diazepam, whichever you can get in a pinch...

  3. Damn, you get right to the core of the issue with some of the ripest humor I've ever enjoyed! Loved this post. In a Palin kind of way I want to show that you and I are related:
    I'm Good at Picking Up Dog Poo Too! !
    There, what more proof do you need to put me in your Will and vice versa.

    btw, Randy Newman was the spitting image of my ex-husband back in the 1970s, and, since I haven't laid eyes on that Texan I wed for 28 years I still have a pretty good idea what he looks like today! No matter, I'm a big Newman fan and I so enjoyed this video.

  4. Thanks for the Randy Newman
    The end of an empire
    Is messy at best

    So I say
    Let the suckers go down with their ships
    I'm facing a storm and hard times either way, so...

    That's how a free economy is supposed to work

    Please remind everyone you know that McCain was a "Maverick" who championed deregulation of financial institutions.

    He was also a champion for legislation that would have invested our social security in the very same failing market.

    Now he wants you to believe he will be the savior who will reign in Wallstreet

    Yea right


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