Brake Time

Time for a break. I've been blogging for maybe 6 months, thinking that I could fit it all in. But, I'm not. And while time and the seasons are flying by I am reading and writing blog postings. I'm gonna take a rest from it. My goal is a month. Too much? Okay,a week. I must get back to my old life for one week. Wish me luck, please and have a great one.


  1. Will be waiting right here when you return! Enjoy your break.

  2. Well, I'll be checking on ya. You're way too clever to stay away for long. 'sides, who's gonna dis the candidates?

  3. I'm going to miss you, but i do understand. Don't forget to come pick up your award when you return.

  4. Hey take care, read lots and enjoy your life before this one. Wishing you all the very best in the week ahead.

  5. Don't stay away too long, but I do understand your need to take a break. I feel much better now that I only post three "substantial" entries per week.


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