That's Correct, Ms. Palin--You Are No Community Organizer

You were far too busy with the responsibilities involved in your job.


  1. You tell it like it is sister :-)!

  2. Exactly, pray tell, what is wrong with a community organizer? Barack's experience as such occurred when he was 23 and prior to law school. It's not exactly something to be ashamed of. I'm off to go find myself an Obama/Biden lawn sign....

  3. Thanks for checking in...Only time will tell, they say they will know if they got all the cancer in two weeks...XOXO

  4. Pleeaase don't go get all political on us. The contention it would bring would be disasterous.
    I love your blog and check in regularly for a moment of peace and realization that the outside world is beautiful still. (I too often work in a neroramville).

  5. I LOVED this post. Rather than contentious, it was as forthright a piece as I've seen this political season. With pictures of the Great Ones you reminded us that the peace keepers are blessed and have been blessings to humanity.

    I enjoyed a weekend break from blogging and I wish your week will be a marvelous unplugged adventure. I absolutely understand what you mean about your old life. Finding a balance is a real concern.

  6. I came to this post a week late but would like to thank you for it.

    Just seeing the faces of these community organizers restored my faith in the concept of a collective historical memory.

    Have a nice break.


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