Writing By Candlelight, Living on PopTarts

Back online having camped out at home and the hospital during the blackout in CinCity. The ass end of Ike blew through town killing seven and doing some infrastructural damage.

Our neighborhood got power back late this afternoon and tonight, instead of hanging in the street talking with the neighbors, everyone is back inside with their lights on and doors shut.

We got by with showers at five in the morning by candlelight, cooked on the campsite propane stove, and charged our cell phones at the local IGA. Think I might miss the three of us( and add on 2 cats and a dog) curling up in bed with the 4 inch battery powered TV dialing to find a channel.

Right now the end of Miss Congeniality 2 is on and I am going to watch every bad minute of it with the HoneyHaired girl sitting next to me. Doesn't get much better than watching Sandra Bullock with my favorite teenager. That's life in a darkened living room in this northern town. "World peace", y'all.


  1. Thanks for coming by my place and the encouraging words.

    Had no idea Ike has whooped Cin City's ass. Shame on him. BULLLY.


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