Just Saw the Prez...


Could someone please remind me about the party? Am not remembering any frivolities.

The memories are a bit grainy, much like this video, but sounds like it was fabulous fun for a select few. And after all, the piper must be paid. Damn pipers. I knew I should have stayed in band.


  1. I'm starting to be unable to live without you...

    They want me to take Zoloft but I'm afraid if I do, they will have won.

    That clip was absolutely perfect for one such as myself. Just the right touch of pathos.

    Keep the faith, but keep you cash under your mattress!!!

  2. What a post. What a pickle we're in. peterpiperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers

  3. I am struck by the comments from pundits who say that we are to blame for this mess as much as wall street and bankers. Oddly, I don't recall any multimillion dollar bonuses of late.

  4. They say that this meltdown is directly related to the subprime mortage debacle, right? And they say that they couldn't see it coming?

    I, who own no property in southern California, recall very clearly thinking to myself when I fantasized about buying a house--"Who in their right mind would accept a loan whose payments were GUARANTEED to increase out of proportion to any salary increase or windfall said individual has a hope in hell of receiving?"

    The next thought was the clencher--"Who in their right mind would offer such a loan to said individual?" Somebody did not exercise his or her fiduciary responsibility:


    BTW, where are the universal health care, the affordable housing, the universal access to education, and universal access to affordable medication that this little bail out could be used for instead?

    I. am. beside. myself.


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