To Marriages That Last and Those That Didn't

excerpt from The Blue Robe

How joyful to be together, alone
as when we first were joined
in our little house by the river
long ago, except that now we know

each other, as we did not then;
and now instead of two stories fumbling
to meet, we belong to one story
that the two, joining, made. And now

we touch each other with the tenderness
of mortals, who know themselves:

art by Sarah Faragher


  1. Did you see him last week at NKU?

  2. Love the poem, wish I could relate, but I have been alone too long, perhaps some day.

  3. Love
    is a melting pot.

  4. I missed him at NKU. Damn work. Did you go and was he fabulous?

  5. Tenderness, I think belongs to youth and not maturity.

    Tenderness is what I crave.

  6. Love Wendell Berry. Love that painting, too. But I must tell you I did not paint it! N.C. Wyeth painted it, and it usually hangs at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine, in the Wyeth Center.

    However, you *can* see my paintings at if you wish.

    Best, Sarah Faragher


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