...and I'm paraphrasing because I was driving and not taking notes. "If they don't pass the bailout package soon it will be a calamity."

Except for the word "calamity." Haven't heard that word since grade school and I am loving it. If ever we needed a song it is now. Bring it on, Doris.


  1. He he
    To me, Calamity is a brook

    There is a trail I hike in the Adirondacks that follows it

    The story goes that on Sept 3rd, 1845 the local mine owner, David Henderson was out scouting for new water sources for his “Upper Works” high up in the peaks.
    After spotting some ducks he loaded his gun, but he never got a shot off.
    A short time later he took off his pack and as he put it down, the gun accidentally discharged and killed him.

    Hence the Calamity

    Is that anything like the current state of our economy?
    I’ll leave that up to you
    But Henderson’s hunting partner was named Cheney…

    As for the notion that God would take sides in a war
    This was the kind of paradox that drove me from modern organized religion.

    Abraham Lincoln set the record straight at some point during the Civil War, I’m sorry but I don’t remember the exact quote.
    There was much propaganda, coming from both North and South, purporting God to be on their side.
    Lincoln corrected them and declared that God was not on either side.
    He stated that the war itself was the wrath of God, coming down on both North and South, punishment for the crime of slavery.

    That it would not end, until he was sure of atonement.

    Now THAT”S what I’m talking about…


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