Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Blessing

by John Updike

The room darkened, darkened until
our nakedness became a form of gray;
then the rain came bursting,
and we were sheltered, blessed,
upheld in a world of elements
that held us justified.
In all the love I had felt for you before,
in all that love,
there was no love
like that I felt when the rain began:
dim room, enveloping rush,
the slenderness of your throat,
the blessèd slenderness.

please note: art by Max Buten


  1. The kind of words that make me moan. I'll go back and read again and again.
    Thank you.

  2. Such an elaborate and eccentric way of expressing one's flight of imagination about love...thank you for sharing..

  3. After reading this poem the first thing I said was " Ah,Beautiful".
    Thank You.

  4. It is beautiful, but then I expect nothing less from you with your eclectic selections of beautiful words. Thank you.


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