I See A Bad Moon Rising, I See Trouble On The Way...

When I posted the prayer to St. Anthony of Padua I had no idea about the shootings in Alabama and Germany. Maybe they hadn't happened yet. Maybe it was that day. I don't know. I've been working the past couple of days and despite 12hrs of asking each and every patient each and every hour their name and the day, month, and year it all tends to run together.

I knew about the murder here of a 13yr old girl which has deeply grieved our city. I didn't know her or the family. She went to school with the children of two of my neighborhood girlfriends; in the same grade as Lisa's son. Although I know it's not their child, irrationally my heart feels otherwise. The arresting officer is the daughter of another friend of mine. She called her mother that night wanting to make sense of the senseless. What can you tell someone who has looked into the black void of a nightmare?

To hear and see two more tragedies makes you wonder what the hell is going on?

This isn't tragic, but adds to the anxiety--my hospital system is announcing lay-offs. Fifty nursing postions. No bedside nurses this round, but after all my years there I've not seen lay-offs not affect the bedside. A handful of nurses already have husbands who have lost their jobs in other fields. Another handful or two are worried. It's grey and ridiculously cold here. I'm tired. I could easily fall into lugubriousness(I love that word).

Lucky for me HoneyHaired's radio station was dialed in the bathroom when I took a shower and Are We Humans Or Are We Dancers was the first song that came on.

Are we human or are we dancers?
My sign is vital, my hands are cold
And I'm on my knees looking for the answer
Are we human or are we dancers?

Pay my respects to grace and virtue
Send my condolences to good
Give my regards to soul and romance
They always did the best they could

I have no idea what they're really saying and HoneyHaired thinks the video is a bit random, but it makes as much sense to me as anything else happening right now, so there's my new mantra for the day. We don't need to be no stinkin' humans.

I could end this with a description of dance class tonight, they're teaching the Balboa, however Hubby is down with what he's called a Man Cold. I have labeled it as Manpneumonia. My personal hunk of mancake right now is looking like the haggard half of The Odd Couple.

He shan't be leaving the house. With me.

Hope your day is sunnier and snot-free. Hug your kids and family today. Buy a lottery ticket. Dance.

please note: caricature by Chris Wahl


  1. Go not unto that sweet lugubriousness! Fight for the light!
    Take a melatonin and a benedryl and blog me in the morning.

  2. Oh, and don't forget to BREATHE!

  3. A tragedy is never easy, especially when it is so close to home.

    My thoughts are with you...like that will help...but they are there anyway.

  4. I thought you might live in the same city as me - it has been a TERRIBLE week. I have a friend at church who knew the girl - she found out during our vestry meeting. So sad and senseless - & yes a gray & gloomy day.

  5. Silliyak--with that combo on board I'll be giving you a blog call Saturday morning!!:>)

    Gail-- you're so right, and it seems like with more photo coverage of national and international events it's closer and you feel along with them. How can you not?

    Hi Bug--welcome:>) I think the only bright spot in our city has been the prospect of solving some old murders, surely a resolution of sorts for those parents.

  6. lugubriousness- noun-uncheerfulness - not conducive to cheer or good spirits, in other words......
    "bad Ju-Ju", bad pizza, or maybe even, bad karma....anyway bad.

    I am sorry.

  7. It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by man's inhumanity.

    I'll say a little prayer for your fellow nurses.

  8. It's harrowing when we have to incorporate murder and unemployment in the same brain. It seems terribly unfair to the lost children, but damn life and its exigencies keep dragging us back to our daily worries, unless we have the misfortune to be the mourners who get derailed onto a siding for eternity, even when they overcome the immediate worst. I'm really sorry for both of the situations--cruel death and financial insecurity.


  9. This morning I wondered, what the text of this song is and was to look it up in the internet. But then I found it, reading your lovely blog, thanx

  10. That song floats in a foggy, vague memory in my head, something I can't quite place. I know I've heard it, but my anchors are all sort of excasping me right now.

  11. Hey! Is this sketch not the infamous Gregory House? If that's what your hubby looks like sick, well, no wonder your happily married! Man cold--I love it!
    It's gray and cold in Minneapolis too.
    And I'm so sory to hear about the tragedies--and the layoffs, a little action which has just visited my world, too.

  12. Hello, I'm here via Kathleen's Sunday Roast interview over at 'eddiebluelights', which mentions your post. I trust that all the matters that were affecting you on this day have now been replaced with happier things.


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