I'm either receiving spam or have a very ardent admirer from a foreign country with a made-up alphabet. Thus, the word-verifier. Hope it isn't the straw to break any backs today.


  1. ha ha....back is find but thanks for being concerned. I don't mind word verifier, but am always perplexed by the comment moderation selection....

    sometimes a sneaky spammer slips through word verifier .... but not often. the price of fame with the b-o-n!!

    i wonder how the camel enjoyed his ride....

  2. I had someone posting lengthy, silly posts for awhile. I tried word verifier too, but that didn't stop him. I say him, but I don't know that it was a him. I don't mind your word verifier. I guess it's the price tag that goes with your recent notoriety. Ha. Just wanted to use that word today.

  3. Notoriety:>0 Shall try to slip that one in conversation today. Sounds very retro:>)

    Mouse--I selected Comment Moderate for posts over 14 days-as a help to me since I wouldn't normally look back. Does it pop up as something different?? Ahhhh, I'll make HoneyHaired check it out. Sounds like an excellent chore to me.

  4. I love this picture. It isn't only because it's different from what I see daily in my country but also it's something caring and sweet.

    Camel is supposed to be so tough even in the dessert but it is so cute sitting at the back of the truck this way.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I got one of those a few days ago.

  6. Very interesting its blog, knows mine !!!


    greetings !!!

  7. Spam is no good but sometime ardent admirer is just as no good.

  8. A familiar sight in this part of the world.

    The endings of the book and movie Breakfast at Tiffany's were so different and yet you liked them both. So did I.

  9. Why IS the camel in the back of the truck anyway? And how did they get it to lay down all nice and quiet like that? My horse would've killed me if I ever tried to do something like that. Maybe camels are more docile.... except for when they spit at you...

  10. Ha okay so I'm testing this comment thing out... not really sure why you wanted me to do this though.

    I like the camel! :D

  11. Doesn't worry me in the least. I'm a fan and will keep coming here, as always.

    I'll give you some good advice - by email.

  12. Odd, I had a weird comment today too and I have a word verifier, so that didn't help. It's all about games or something. Love the photo of the camel, btw. A nearby bar has a camel statue outside, I'll have to go photograph it for you.

  13. Word Verifier - Small price to pay to escape from mumbo jumbo text infiltrating your lovely blog. :P

    xx Action Wolfe

  14. That's mr. terfenfluffle...
    the gentleman who taught the
    camel to get into the truck.

  15. You don't know me but I'm a young writer and I like exploring other people's writing. I'm also completely technologically impaired and I can't figure out how to follow your blog. I like your writing and I'd like to read more of it so if there's some way you can contact me and send me your url that would be great. If it's too much trouble don't worry about it though. I just figured I'd try.

  16. I had the same thing as Rose today, I deleted it. It's weird out here in this virtual world.

  17. woww..
    its ultimate...
    nice pose of the camel..

  18. nice,

  19. Word verification fine with me too. Loved the photo; reminded me of everyday sights when I was living in Bahrain and Egypt. Bedouins often took their camels to market in the back of trucks, especially if they only had one or two. Others would drive them in small herds and you sometimes had to stop and wait for them to cross the roads.

  20. wow, the camel is enjoying the ride as i do on my bike

  21. he he... Wonder whether this is a common sight in Middle east area :D.


  22. This is a very common sight in Kuwait. Camels travel down the Fahaheel Expressway (the 'Highway of Death') at insane speeds all the while regally regarding fellow travelers from beneath impossibly long eyelashes. A horse would have to be blindfolded and hogtied to put up with this. I expect most of the camels in this week's races will arrive at the track in a similar fashion. I'll let you know. ;-)


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