TGIF Tonight

HoneyHaired Grrrrrl and her dad went to the circus tonight. After 12hrs of Neurodramaville I've had quite enough of high wire acts for a day and an evening. I dropped by our favorite neighborhood bistro after work and picked up the dinner special, mahi mahi over Mediterranean pasta, to eat at home, blissfully alone, in my PJ's.

It's 60 degrees in my hometown and folks tonight are wearing flip-flops with their jean jackets. There's a pirate moon out hiding in the clouds. I'm on the couch with a full stomach, a cup of tea, and a cat and dog snuggled against me. Hard to tell if it's love or love of my fish dinner, but no matter.

I stole, yes, stole, an O magazine I found in the unit's break room. It's the one from September 2008 with articles about 48 Solutions:Love, Money, Work and 12 Ways To Unclutter and Too Busy To Live? I desperately need to read these articles in the quiet of my empty house. I promise I'm gonna take it back on Sunday when I go back in. Until then, Oprah's got a cure for being overwhelmed and I want it bad. I'm tired up to my eyeballs of these long days without a meal break and I want to badly hurt whatever deviants invented the alarms on every single piece of equipment. I'm betting they work for the CIA now.

Lucky for me I happened to find this little piece of peace inside--

I know
it's hard to be reconciled
not everything is exactly
the way it ought to be

but please turn around
and step into the future
leave memories behind
enter the land of hope

--Zbigniew Herbert, from A Life


  1. Great post. Did you take those two photos? They are stunning!

  2. Re: "Oprah's got a cure for being overwhelmed and I want it bad."

    I agree. It's called a bajillion dollars in the bank.

    I hear you on the break-less days. There ought to be a law. Oh! Wait a minute! There is. I was hoping you had the weekend off, but I can see by the remark that you're returning the pilfered Oprah on Sunday, that you don't. Oh well. Girls can dream.

    ps-it was 70 in Detroit today. I saw sunbathers-well at least that's what I think they were. Their skin was alabaster though, but looked like they were trying to get a dose of Vitamin D in.

  3. That's a nice poem and I love the photo of the moon.

  4. nice poem. i really like your blog, there is always something to pick up

  5. In love with the photo of the moon on silent water. Adore your description of it as a pirate moon. (Am wondering if this shot was taken by you tonight.)

    You know how to have an evening of respite alone....and you are so deserving.

  6. Hi, my name's Starry, I guess I was meant to find your blog, I have never looked up 'blogs of note' before, but tonight I did, and your title caught my eye. I grew up with a little rhyme about magpies, you count them when you see them, it was something my mum and grandma did.
    it goes, One for sorrow, two for joy, three's a letter, four's a boy, five is silver, six is gold, seven's a secret, eight's untold...

    Love your blog, hope to read it many more times, and by the way, critical care nurses do a fantastic job, my dad has been through two heart surgeries and the ICU nurses in Oz were outstanding, thankyou for being willing to go to work dayin day out, I am sure you are underpaid, but if appreciation can do anything for you, you are rich.

    xxx Starry

  7. My sinuses are confirming the weather forecast. We're expecting rain, and T storms with small hail and gusty winds. Since the dogs are pacing, and my head is pounding, I think it might be so.
    Have a good day off.

  8. I want the cure!

    It was beautiful yesterday and I was working...not twelve, but it began to feel like it toward the afternoon.

  9. The poem is so perfect for our world today. Love the moon over the ocean photo... so calming.
    Hope you enjoyed your quiet evening at home.

  10. ...finding enough hope to get you through the day, and if the pages you are reading are this good, to find joy in it, and happiness, even if only for a day, you are allowed to take this magazine with you.
    Wonderful blog you call your own.

  11. That sounded like a PERFECT Friday night. Thanks for the poem; you do have a good ear/eye for them.

  12. Thank you for the beauty of your blog. I just found it a few days ago. Not only are you an artist, but you are truly a healer.

  13. Hi,

    I’ve just started a blog and I’m trying to get some people to exchange links. Noticed your blog as one of the “Notable Blogs” on and thought I’d drop you a message.

    It’s a blog about cheating. It’s all “in character” (meaning it’s not actually me… I don’t cheat, haha.)

    Would you be able to exchange blog links with me?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. the moon is lovely <3
    Oprah is amazingg, yess.
    love your blog


  15. I am kind of in love with the way you construct a post. It's so beautiful and simple. Thanks for sharing this little piece of your peace with us.

  16. I'm finding lots of serendipidy on your blog. Was just at the gym and was watching Ellen who has launched a crusade to be on the cover of O.
    After phoning Oprah, Ellen was sent 500 cupcakes...
    She said, "Oprah's trying to slow me down with carbs, but it won't work."
    I was cracking up :)

  17. I'm a new Blogger.Yours is the first blog i ever looked up & I'm glad I did. I'm somewhat of an amateur photographer. your pictures caught my eye & a piece of my heart. :)


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