Red Letter Days

Three young paramedics walked into the unit yesterday, clipboards in hand, and looked around a little uncertainly. They explained they had just dropped off three teenagers to the ER and wondered if they could see the young man they had brought in nearly two weeks ago. Another unrestrained teenage boy in an MVC in almost the same exact location as the crash tonight.

I took them into the room to see our star patient just one day off the respirator and sitting up in a chair thanks to PT/OT standing him up for the first time. He looked around at his visitors, bewildered as he has been all day at the fuss, the tears of his parents and grinning wonderment of the nurses and docs. He's able to answer the questions about place, person and time, but recites them like he's memorized them for a test, smart kid that he is. Already accepted to the Pharmacology College at the University before jumping into his car and not putting on his seatbelt. He was late meeting his friends, he was driving too fast, he hit the curb, over corrected and hit another car who thankfully saw him coming and had come to a stop to lessen the impact.

Thanks to a whole lot of new people this young man's soon to meet in the Rehab hospital he'll graduate with his class and be able to go on to college. A good day indeed.
For a listen to someone else's red letter day, here's one sound from the YouTube symphony that's being put together from on-line videos and an on-line contest. Real live concert to be seen and heard April 15 in Carnegie Hall. I think the way there is still with "practice, practice, practice," but YouTube is helping pave the way.


  1. Good to hear a happy outcome. I know that medical and emergency response professionals care beyond the realms of their job descriptions. When my husbands life was in danger the E.R. nurse stayed well beyond her shift and came up to the O.R. waiting area to see if he made it. It meant a lot to me.

  2. Just found you today via Blog o' Note. (I don't check everyday) Nice blog. I'm retired FF/EMT, now just a FOG. Your post just gave me an idea for a post (and ideas are getting fewer and farther between) so thanks!

  3. English--that happens fairly often. A patient or a family gets under your skin and you just have to know how the story ends.
    and Sillyak--welcome and glad you commented. I'm going to have to stop by your place and find out what a FOG is, although you already said my favorite word in the English language-RETIRED:>)

  4. Loved the flute video as it was very calming and relaxing interlude.

  5. Inspiring to hear good news and good music.

  6. what is it with teenage boys and seat belts??? they aren't wearing dresses that can get wrinkled (an excuse I've heard from women, which of course makes me ask 'so you'd rather be dead in a wrinkle free dress' if heaven forbid you have the unfortunate occurrence to get in an accident....

    let me know what you find out about what FOG means, inquiring mice always need to know... friends of g____ fill in the blank?

  7. A good story. I'm glad that you have them.


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