Saturday in CinCity


by Jane Hirshfield

In every instant, two gates.
One opens to fragrant paradise, one to hell.
Mostly we go through neither.

Mostly we nod to our neighbor,
lean down to pick up the paper,
go back into the house.

But the faint cries—ecstasy? horror?
Or did you think it the sound
of distant bees,
making only the thick honey of this good life?

Few thoughts to get out today. Again, I so appreciate all the new visitors and commentors and want to thank you all. I'd like to respond more timely to the comments, but if I am to get anything done I have to "step away from the computer." My Pasta ala Fridge does not make itself.

To answer two questions though, I do not take the photos on this blog site. Maybe a few were taken by HoneyHaired, but for the most part they were retrieved from various Google searches. If I can find an artist I try to include a name or website.
Believe me, if I could take photographs like some of these I would quit my job, sell my art, and most likely live in my car near the big crazy guy in his van by the river.

The poems come from many places--books, magazines, notebooks I've kept, on-line poetry sites, a lot from Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac, a rare few are my own. For me, a little poetry goes a long way, but it seems like one is enough to mull over throughout a day and give me a view of the world just slightly askew from what I see.

The sun is out here, the wind is warm, the dog wants to go out, and HoneyHaired needs to get to dance class. Whatever's planned for your Saturday, hope you enjoy.


  1. That's a beautiful poem, and I appreciate your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, that was lovely poem! I am very new to the blogging scene and one of the first blogs that I started following was yours. I really enjoy the poetry on your blog, it always makes me smile:)

  3. I started following your blog because it's beautiful and makes me think. Thank you.

  4. Oh. For some reason, this poem made me think of Tony Soprano walking down to the foot of his drive to fetch his newspaper. On one side is the neighbor mowing the lawn, and on the other, are the feds, just waiting and watching. I can even hear the theme music of season one. Loved that show.

  5. I love the last stanza.... says so many things at once.

    Thanks for sharing.

    xx Action Wolfe

  6. I woke up in the middle of the night. As those hours are, it was a shaky time. I turned to your blog. After reading it I was able to go back up to my snoring husband and bed -- and sleep. Thanks.

  7. Did I mention that my dad is the crazy guy in the van down by the river?

  8. I really like the way you think. I like your view of the world, your choice of poems, photos, and words. I can learn from you. Sincerely, Paprika Prose

  9. It's nice. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Hello...from the flatlands...this is my first visit and I'm so delighted to read the poetry.

    I had a lot of fun creating a new "form" of poetry on my blog a while back, but can't get anyone to submit their own creation.

    Will you join my fun? Here's the link:


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