You and Me

please note: music and choreography by Ethan Philbrick

HoneyHaired and I see Hat Guy almost every weekend as he walks back and forth along Central Parkway.


  1. Use to give my children superman rides!

  2. Makes me want to roll over on my back for my kiddos. Haven't done this since there were little -- ah, and I was younger. I think I could still do it...
    Perfect song for the video! Thanks.

  3. I love this...
    so sweet.

  4. SWEEEEEEET We all need to fly.

  5. There could be worse going on while you're at work.

    My husband used to lift Rachel up with her back against the ceiling. She'd paste her hands and feet up there like she was a fly. She couldn't speak, but she always made it known when she wanted to fly.

  6. How wonderful to meet you, so unexpectedly, a writer and a poet with a nurturing heart and soul. I shall return.

  7. Thanks all--I so enjoy Ethan's videos and his music, and actually love the fact that while I'm schlepping at work someone else is literally dancing in the streets. If me...think I might get arrested:>)

  8. Me and You? Are you calling me a rubbish bin?

  9. This is marvelous, with perfect song to match! When I was growing up we lived outside of Reno and there was a guy called "The Waver" who walked along HWY. 395 everyday waving at cars as they sped by. I hadn't thought of him for years.......

  10. Your writing is lovely.. absolutely lovely. You write like someone who feels and writes. Loved your blog, am starting to follow it.


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