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30 March, 2009
Half-Full, Half-Empty Girls

Girl 1: "Oh look, those people are camping!"
Girl 2: "No, they're homeless. People don't camp by the freeway."



  1. It reminded me of being on a date about 18 years ago, on our way to the Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest, along a two-lane road hideously dotted on the sides by dead cats. The guy I was with said, If those sleepy cats aren't more careful where they snooze in the sun they're going to be hit by a car sooner or later.

  2. Camping, yah, that's right. We're camping and if we stay long enough we just might homestead this spot.

  3. Ever the clueless? (word verification coedi)

  4. If the economy doesn't give me a breather I might ask the folks there to sublet me a corner by the pillar.

  5. OMG! I LOVE those overheard lines so much. I always get the biggest kick out of them. In fact, they inspired me to try to listen more carefully for such jewels and I heard on up in Sacramento two weeks ago in a restaurant:

    Two guys were waiting to be seated in a restaurant and I walked by just in time to hear guy #1 say to guy #2 about guy #3, "He's an "early eater" type, that guy." I was so tickled because I caught the exchange and it made me laugh!

  6. First, I agree, overheard lines can be the best.

    Second-seeing these tent cities pop up is sad. I saw furniture and belongings under a freeway overpass. People were obviously living under the bridge. It's heartbreaking.

  7. Priceless. Also sad that such obvious evidence of homelessness is not even recognized!

  8. Both is heartbreaking: the fact that homelessness exists and the fact that many people are totally clueless about it.


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